At Caragh Nurseries, we’ve always a fantastic stock of trees, plants, hedging and shrubs that we produce over our 55 acres in Co. Kildare. We have a huge range of wonderfully large trees, specimens, plants & shrubs that you won’t find in your local garden centre and much more fun! So if you need a new design for your garden or to screen for privacy we are always here to help and we can deliver and plant too!

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April Gardening

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April is one of those in between months, leaves and blossom is springing out all over the place but the frost at night could wipe out big sections of your garden. Our Guide to April in the garden
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Mature Trees and Airpots

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This year we have discontinued our rootballed and bare-root trees, in most cases, a little earlier than usual as the weathers highs and lows and the h

Lots of Pots!

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We have been busy sourcing lots of lovely new pots for a number of projects and the new stock we have found are really special. As we slowly grow the

Easter Opening Times

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We are taking a well deserved break this coming Easter Weekend. We are looking forward to spending some downtime, we are Open this Good Friday, as nor