At Caragh Nurseries, we’ve always a fantastic stock of trees, plants, hedging and shrubs that we produce over our 55 acres in Co. Kildare. We have a huge range of wonderfully large trees, specimens, plants & shrubs that you won’t find in your local garden centre and much more fun! So if you need a new design for your garden or to screen for privacy we are always here to help and we can deliver and plant too!

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Happy New Year

Caragh Design Studio, Caragh Nursery Park, garden design, irish Nursery,
We have so many new products ready for launching this year, new outdoor furniture ranges, new pot collections all exclusively available at Caragh Nurseries
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Our Field Stock

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Every new year we like to take stock of what's hot, especially in our field productions.Ensuring top quality products and here are a few of our favour

Bringing the Mediterranean to your garden

Caragh Design Studio, Mediterranean garden, Olive trees, Palms, pizza oven,
Bringing some of the Mediterranean trees, plants, scents and tastes to your garden this Spring and Summer. Olives, Cypresses, lemon groves and pizza

Christmas in the Garden

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What to do on the nursery over the festive period, mulled wine and how to keep your garden looking tip top. Happy Christmas to you all from us all at