Lagerstroemia indica / Crepe Myrtle

Lagerstroemeria indica

Lagerstroemia indica / Crepe Myrtle

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The magnificent  Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica ) make an ideal choice as a flowering tree.   It is an upright, deciduous tree or large shrub with peeling brown and grey bark and, 8cm long, dark green leaves which are bronze when young. The crinkly  pink  flowers are produced from summer to autumn in showy, conical panicles up to 20cm long.  The featured exfoliating bark that gives them ornamental value even during the dormant winter months.

Needs a good sunny spot to lower to its full potential and a sheltered position to retain its flowers in an Irish Summer, can grow to approximately 5metres tall and likes a well drained soil.



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50L 175-200cm

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