About Us & Our Nursery

It is because we grow the trees and plants on the nursery, that we understand our plants intuitively and it’s because we have teams on the road planting them that we understand and can advise you on the practicalities of what will work for you, in your garden and solving any issues that you may have.

From our design team right through the nursery to our operations teams that deliver and plant your products, we take the utmost care and attention to ensure that we deliver on service as well as price, giving you the garden both you and we can be proud of. 

Garden Decor and Accessories

We have added to the nursery products over the year and now offer, as well as the plant material and design service, the pots, furniture and lighting as well as lots of other items, that will complete your garden, mostly designed exclusively by and for us at Caragh Nurseries.

Pots & Planters

Outdoor Furniture

Water Features

While we do hope you find the Online Store informative and useful, we understand that the size and value of some of our products do mean that you need advice and we are always happy to offer that.

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