Bonsai Bonanza

Gardens gain their focus in lots of ways, some from colour, some from mature planting, some from their formal plantings. But one style that could really set your garden apart is the feature of Bonsai’s and the style of pruning bonsai called niwaki.

The Japanese perfected a style of pruning bonsai called niwaki and have mastered this over thousands of years and it is a strong part of their culture. Using niwaki on native tree species, selecting them specially for their natural twists and character and tending them for many, many years until they create unique plants that are really things of architectural beauty. While the best Japanese Bonsai niwaki trees are certainly captivating and albeit expensive, there are just as many quality and affordable options for your garden.

Ilex Crenata Bonsai

If you want that Bonsaied look, there are several species of plant which lend themselves perfectly to becoming cloud trees these include Buxus, Ilex, Juniperus, Pinus and Taxus, all of these being perfectly adaptable to our Irish climate as well as being relatively slow growing and so keep the shapes they have been pruned in to well. We have so many to pick from here at the Nursery and always have stock available for immediate delivery.

Pinus nigra nigra umbrella
Pinus Strobus Radiata










Cloud pruning a form of  Niwaki describes a style of pruning trees to make them resemble clouds. This can be achieved using singular trees or by pruning hedges / plants grouped together.  The cloud trees we stock are usually evergreen with a couple of exceptions, and therefore provide a distinct focal point in your garden all year round. And the good news is that you won’t need to attend a course, or practice for years to keep them maintained! They are versatile plants and require very little maintenance, just trimming once a year. To maintain the quality of our plants we hand select every piece especially for its shape and form and ensure that each specimen is carefully pruned prior to its display on our nursery. We currently have a wide selection of Cloud Pruned trees available in Pines, Olives, Carpinus, Juniper as well as Yew and coniferous plants. We have been importing cloud pruned trees for over fifteen years into Ireland and we have several specialist growers in three European countries who are experts in their field and so we have benefited from not only the best specimens but also the best knowledge of these plants and how to best look after them.

Taxus Baccata Semperaurea

One way to view our larger Bonsai specimens as each are individual and no two are the same, is in the Caragh Nursery Park  it is a unique way to view and choose your mature Bonsai and Specimen trees, the park is basically just that, a parkland setting with over 100 very large, mature, specimen and topiary shaped form trees. We’ve added some benches around the place for you to sit and reflect on the trees and appreciate them in all their glory and we’d love to share this with you.


We have many options available for you on the nursery to have your own Bonsai, including a wide range also if seeking a Bonsai on a budget. Many believe that Bonsai’s are expensive and sure we have very large, mature specimens available, but we have selection of smaller (but still will make a big impression) available to show you.

Juniper Grey Owl Bonsai

As well as these we have a range of Topiary Trees that are great for adding both formality and a modern look especially when planted repetitively, we have spirals and multi balls and a mixture of balls and shapes too, again they need very little maintenance other than an annual trim and an occasional feed to keep them in tip-top condition.



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