Thuja plicata Specimen Bonsai



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Thuja plicata, or Western Red Cedar, is a hardy conifer that has beautifully lush, mid-green foliage with a slightly fruity fragrance. If allowed to grow naturally, it forms a tall, upright tree, conical in shape, with branches that gracefully arch in a slightly drooping fashion. These specimens, however, have been clipped and pruned over time to form these statement pieces, which have multiple clipped balls or clouds that emerge from the main central trunk, reaching an overall height of 225-250cm. The foliage can often turn to a rustic bronze during the colder winter months, before the bright green new foliage starts to emerge the following spring. This colour change can make for some beautiful seasonal interest.

A real feature piece that would look great as a stand alone focal point in the garden. It is held on our Nursery Park with many other mature specimens in a range of styles and varieties. Please don’t hesitate to contact for further information on any of our stock.

***the image shown here is of the same specimen that is available.



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500L 225-500cm