Pinus nigra nigra Umbrella




This Austrian Pine, or European Black Pine as it’s also known, has been pruned and shaped over many years to form this statement umbrella piece. It has a beautifully full head of foliage, an impressive 2.5m in width, which sits on top of a strong, single trunk that is about 1.2m in height (overall height 1.75-2m). The mature trunk has a girth of 50-55cm, and is currently held in a 600L pot.

This hardy evergreen would make a great feature piece in the centre of a courtyard, circular bed or open lawn area. It could also be considered for a large raised planter, in which it could provide a canopy or shade for some planting beneath it.


The image shown here is of the same specimen that is available. Should you require any further details or photos, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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