Buxus semp. Rotundifolia form



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These topiary Buxus specimens will make a beautiful feature piece in any part of the garden, maintaining structure, shape and year-round interest with its lush green foliage that can be regularly clipped if required. They can be planted anywhere with full sun or partial shade, and can also be maintained in a pot if regularly watered.

We have two similar feature pieces available, both supplied in 285L pots. Our first option, shown in the main gallery picture, is an evenly balanced multi-stem form with 6 tightly clipped pom-pom heads, approximately 125-150cm in height. Our other option, shown in the second gallery picture has a bit of a tighter form with slightly more height, reaching 175-200cm tall.

These specimen pieces can be seen alongside many others in our Nursery Park, which is full to the brim of impressive bonsai and other specimen feature trees.

***the image shown here is the same specimen that we currently have available.


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