Prunus Serrula

Prunus Serrula

Prunus Serrula

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Prunus serrula or Birch Bark Cherry as it is commonly known, is a tree that is prized for its ornamental red-brown bark. This tree also boasts willow-like leaves and small, cherry-like fruits.

This really is a fantastic tree for year-round interest, as the deep mahogany-coloured bark glistens throughout all seasons. The bark, which peels away in bands with age, makes a really attractive feature in winter as the deep coppery-brown colour stands out in a sleeping winter garden.

This is, of course, a flowering cherry tree, so it does have a blossom is spring: the flowers are small, white in colour and are present in April. The bark is by far the most notable feature of this tree, so this is not the choice if you’re after a profusely flowering tree. The deep green leaves are willow-like and cover the tree in spring, summer, before turning yellow in autumn. Autumn also sees the arrival of the small, cherry-like fruits, which are a great natural bird feeder.


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14-16cm girth, Rootballed Specimen, 16-18cm girth, Rootballed Specimen, 35L 10-12cm

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