Acer ginnala / Amur Maple



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Acer ginnala, also known as Amur Maple, is a stunning slow-growing deciduous Maple that originates from Northern China and Japan. From early spring it produces large 3-lobed leaves that are glossy green in colour. Panicles of small cream-yellow flowers occur in early summer, which are also slightly fragrant. In the autumn, the leaves put on a show-stopping display of various shades of yellows, reds and oranges, which makes this tree the perfect choice as a feature tree or focal point in the garden. Its roots are not extensive, and therefore it would also be suited to a large pot. In contrast to some other Maple varieties, Acer ginnala can tolerate full sun as well as dappled shade, and once established is also considered to be reasonably drought- and wind-tolerant. It will grow to an ultimate height of about 6-8m, with a spread of 4-6m.

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