Acer dissectum Garnet / Japanese Maple

Acer dissectum garet

Acer dissectum Garnet / Japanese Maple

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Description :

This Acer  dissectum ‘Garnet’ is a pretty small tree that has feathery, heavily dissected foliage that resembles the colour of a garnet stone throughout the spring and summer. It holds its colour well compared to other Japanese Maples, before turning shades of scarlet for a striking display in Autumn.

Ideal for small gardens,  ‘Garnet’ prefers slightly moist, well-drained acidic soil although lime can also be tolerated. This wonderful red Japanese Maple is suited to a sheltered position in dappled shade where it will create a stunning focal point or backdrop.

One of our most popular Japanese Maples in an 180L pot, half standard  fully weeping  1/2 standard that is on an approx 90cm stem, creating a magnificent waterfall like effect with a width much wider than its height, just a wonderful specimen

Additional Information :
Pot Size

180L 200-250cm wide

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