Our Gardeners Christmas Gift List

Its that magical time of year when we are all trying to find that perfect present for our loved ones. Gardening related gifts are a great option for Christmas (or birthdays – or any occasion really!) especially if you know they will love them, use them and get a lot out of them. They are also a gift that quite literally is the gift that keeps on giving, as a plant will be enjoyed in a year from now or the pot you’re given will be used over and over again.

In a time where consumerism is constantly increasing, being more mindful about the gifts you’re buying people is something we should all take the time to think about. We also know that finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, so we have rustled together this gardeners gift list to make your holiday shopping easier. Whether you’re shopping for your husband who seems to have everything, the foodie friend who has a preference for culinary adventures, the dedicated teacher, the young niece and nephew, your eco-conscious sister or an assisted living resident, we have you covered. But if we haven’t included your hard-to-shop-for boss, relative or friend, stop into the nursery or give us a call, so we can help you cross even the most perplexing person off your list.

Here is our Christmas 2023 Gardners Gift List

Garden Gift Giving: A Green Solution for Any Recipient

Im leading with this one again this year as on the lead up to Christmas I just love to send the gift of a living Christmas Tree, its very special and can stand at a front door or entrance and hopefully brings joy and a smile to the recipient. We have sent such trees out to family members this Christmas and the beauty is that they can plant the tree in the garden after Christmas and use for further years by adding lights to it in the garden. This a garden-themed gift might just be the solution to your gift-giving dilemmas.

For Your Hard to Buy for Husband: Cultivate Leisure

Outdoor gardens open up a world of leisure and relaxation. Help your husband embrace his downtime with a garden-centric gift. Consider a comfortable Bali outdoor lounge set or a Dome Pizza Oven for afternoons spent entertaining. A Corton Steel Firebowl will only add to the ambiance, or the Corten Steel Andes Pot will encourage him to get his hands dirty in the garden. Alternatively, a subscription to a gardening magazine or an online course on horticulture could provide both entertainment and a new skill to master.

I love reading gardening books and my pick of this year is The Gardening Book by Monty Don, who else! Its probably available in some fabulous book shops around the country which is exactly where I should be looking at them from but instead I’ve linked the amazon page for those in a last minute rush.

For Your Foodie Friends: Grow Their Culinary Adventures

For friends who are passionate about food, a gardening gift can be a delightful addition to their culinary tastes. Consider a herb like Thymus vulgaris, or a herb pot like the Atlantis Herb Garden Pot allowing them to cultivate fresh herbs year-round for an added burst of flavour to their dishes or style to their patio. An ever popular olive tree or a Malus apple tree will also bring the farm to table experience right into their backyard and if space is limited, vertical plants like espaliered trees are practical and space-efficient for growing in the garden.  Another great book for foodies with a penchant for gardening is the wonderful Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook. Another find I’ve been coveting is the brass salt & pepper mill set from Salt Home , which would look amazing in my kitchen (if my husband or kids are reading this!)

For Your Kids’ Teacher: Nurturing Growth, Inside and Out

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping young minds, but let’s face it, they are probably already looking forward to their next summer vacation and a Gift Voucher can express gratitude in a unique and meaningful way. A plant can bring a touch of nature to the classroom, creating a serene and inspiring environment. Consider a set of Button Planters, turning the act of planting into a fun and interactive experience for both teacher and students. Alternatively, a gardening book  that they wouldn’t buy themselves, The Cut Flower Sourcebook by Rachel Siegfried makes for a thoughtful and practical gift for a teacher who enjoys spending time outdoors.

For Your Niece and Nephew: Planting Seeds of Curiosity

Nurturing a love for nature in young minds is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Also being the fun Aunt or Uncle is a title you don’t want to loose. Choose garden gifts that spark curiosity and encourage hands-on learning. A children’s gardening kit with easy-to-handle tools, seedling tray, and educational materials is an engaging way for them to explore the world of plants. For a touch of fruit, consider a Malus Everest  or fruit tree a similar size as them, allowing them to create their own orchid within the garden that they can watch it grow. If they are older, say in high school or college, consider a sophisticated Japanese maple . Millennials will love the display of colours on these perhaps as much as their smart phones.

For Your Organic Sister: Sustainable and Stylish

For the environmentally conscious sister who values sustainability, opt for garden gifts to align with her green lifestyle. Consider a set of pots made from Terracotta clay or our grey cube pots that are environmentally friendly in production. A planting of any tree will also help reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, organic compost align with her commitment to environmentally friendly practices, allowing her to grow her plants or food with a focus on sustainability. Our Bordeaux Teak Dining Table Set is also made exclusively from reclaimed teak and is very old and has already served another life, therefore is a stylish gift with reduced damage to the environment.  What about some of the best gardening gloves that you can buy, Gold Leaf Leather Comfortable RHS Gardening Gloves, just fabulous gloves for keeping your hands dry, warm and thorn free.

For those with smaller gardens or balconies;  Bring the Outdoors In

For those who may have limited outdoor space, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of gardening. Small pots and 1/4 standards, such as a Kubu planter and Hydrangea 1/4 std, offer the joy of gardening without the need for extensive outdoor maintenance. Consider an evergreen shrub to bring the sights of nature right to their window, creating a connection to the outdoors. Additionally, a Santorini pot can enhance the ambiance of their living space, bringing the tranquility of the garden to their door. What about encouraging them to try their hand at Niwaki or pruning bonsai forms then they should be without the amazing Yamakawa secateurs, the fanciest secateurs ever and on my absolute wishlist.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Once you start thinking of specific people you will be buying for this year, you’ll have a new slant on your holiday gift suggestions



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