Concrete grey Cube with castors


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Lovers of the concrete look will get their money’s worth with these cubes that aren’t quote cobes but more cuboids at 80cm square with a height of 60cm but the cube comes into play as they have castors udner each corner for easy movement.

Environmentally friendly in production, making a concrete planter not only requires a lot of energy, but also a significant amount of water. They are also very heavy, which in turn leads to an unfavourable CO2 balance during transport. So we have basically reinvented the concrete planter in a new, particularly weather-resistant fibreglass composite material. It has a high-quality concrete finish and perfectly imitates the real concrete look. This means unrestricted use outdoors is possible. Straight lines and simple shapes determine the look of the planters.

The added castors on this one make it perfect for small gardens or spaces that you need to move around.

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