Dome Pizza Oven


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The minimalist design of the Dome is reminiscent of traditional Italian stone ovens. The oven is made from corten steel, which gives the product a robust appearance and makes it a real eye-catcher in your garden.

Make the tastiest pizzas with our wood-fired oven. Bake with friends and family and enjoy delicious food together. Two pizzas can be cooked in the DOME wood-fired oven at once and will be ready in just a few minutes.

The oven’s round dome not only gives it a robust look – it also ensures optimal air circulation. To use the oven, first heat the stone by lighting a fire. Next, place the burning wood to the side at the back of the oven. The hot air will rise through the dome to the flue. The heat circulates above your pizza, creating the optimal conditions for cooking. The ceramic pizza stone retains heat well. The DOME has all the right ingredients for a tasty pizza!

5-year guarantee.
The DOME comes pre-weathered with a natural layer of rust.
Pizza capacity: 1–2
The pizza stone is made of cordierite.
Includes flue pipe with flue cap.

Base shown is also available – just ask for details