Hello 2023 !

We are back to Normal now, refreshed and looking forward to the coming season, we have so many exciting plans to share with you.
For now though let me tell you that we have lots of new stock for the New Year, we are currently working on re-filling our Nursery Park and have new pots and F&E Furniture all arrived over the last couple of weeks.

Our New Atlantis pots have arrived

Wow! Just wow!  We have had our order of Atlantis pots arrive yesterday and today we got the opportunity to unpack one of each of them and see the size, scale and quality of these amazing pots and also the range of tones that they come in, as standard. Atlantis pots have a unique textured […]

Happy New Year

We have so many new products ready for launching this year, new outdoor furniture ranges, new pot collections all exclusively available at Caragh Nurseries



Our Gift to you

On all orders made online over €100