Instant & Mature Hedging

It’s hedging season and the volume of rootballed and bare-root hedging going out of the nursery is amazing. We have a large range of hedging varieties and sizes to cater for all needs from rural options to city gardens and everything in between. Hedging  can create a strong framework for the garden, so that it […]

Stocking Up!

How many truck loads does it take to re-stock a nursery? Four truck loads of new plants arrived onto the nursery yesterday, yes four full artic loads of trees and plants. Not that the nursery was empty but to plug some of the gaps that were starting to show and add some new and interesting […]

Bare root hedging

Bareroot plants are plants that have been grown in the open ground and then lifted to be transplanted during the dormant season. This is generally between November and March and means that plants are ‘sleeping’ before kicking back into gear for growth, when the weather warms up in spring.



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