Instant & Mature Hedging

It’s hedging season and the volume of rootballed and bare-root hedging going out of the nursery is amazing. We have a large range of hedging varieties and sizes to cater for all needs from rural options to city gardens and everything in between.

Hedging  can create a strong framework for the garden, so that it looks good in midwinter and provides an attractive background to carry the colours of spring and summer. As well as providing structure to the garden, they can be perfect for wildlife, and particularly nesting birds. 

Mature hedging gives you instant privacy and screening and is much more attractive and cost effective than a block wall. Mature hedging makes it possible to form an attractive, natural boundary more quickly than many people imagine.

All you need to do is decide which variety to go for and with so many options it is sometimes hard to know. Do you prefer the functionality or denseness of Laurel, the lighter greenery of Thuja, or the splash of colour of Photinia Pink Marble? The options of mature and instant hedges are numerous. 

One thing to consider when looking at the cost of your mature hedge is that normally a deciduous hedge costs less than the evergreen options for a number of reasons, but that you will not have the cover year round that an evergreen hedge gives you.

For some that is fine, as you may not be in the garden and require privacy during the winter months. If you can reduce some of your cover then consider a Beech or Hornbeam hedge that holds on to some of its copper autumn / winter leaves to give a moderate cover (unless there are very high winds).

Planting a mature, instant hedge has the following benefits:

We have taken the time to grow the hedges, so you don’t have to!

Shelter: reducing wind strength better than a solid barrier

Reduces noise levels from roads or neighbours.

Privacy & Screening

Security: a prickly hedge is a great intruder deterrent, try Pyracantha, Holly or Berberis.

Beauty and interest from seasonal changes, particularly deciduous hedging

Background texture and colour complement other plants. Also try scented hedging like the Evergreen Jasmine

Wildlife: food and shelter for a wide variety of native insects, birds and mammals, try Holly, Cotoneaster or Blackthorn.

Weather-resistance: much better than man made fences or brick walls

Economy long term compared with fencing and brick work

Long-lived: hedges can last hundreds of years

Can be planted to shape, such as a curve

Laurel Clipped Columns & Instant Hedging


Also known as Cherry Laurel or Common Laurel, is the fastest growing, evergreen hedging plant that isn’t a conifer. Growth in a good year of up to 60cm (2ft) per year, eventual height, if left up to 6m (18ft). It’s also the least expensive non-conifer, evergreen hedging plant, and the best hedging plant for shady sites. It’s also tough, not fussy about soil & hardy.

Laurel is the quickest and cheapest way of creating an evergreen hedge. Laurels will also provide the most instant hedging, as the mature sizes are bushy and can often create an instant screen when planted close enough. Laurel hedges are dense and so provide a screen that you can’t see through. Laurel leaves are rounded, glossy and bright green, and look good all year round. They can be trimmed into a neat solid shape or they can create a less formal looking hedge. You will need to trim a laurel hedge at least once a year which can be seen as a con but then you can’t have everything!

As well as the usual smaller options, we have added some impressive clipped columns available, that create a spectacular instant hedge – Click Here 

Prunus Etna  Clipped Column

A beautiful dark green, evergreen hedge with glossy leaves that start a stunning orange to red colour when new, making a beautiful contrast.  It is slower growing than the common laurel making it easier to maintain and although it is dense, it will not grow as wide. This hedge will only need cutting once a year. A beautiful hedging plant that when planted at this size are very wide, so the need for fewer plants.

Along with the smaller options, we also have the following clipped columns available as specimen hedging for more Click Here 

Portugese Laurel Clipped Columns & Instant Hedge

Portuguese Laurel has a deep green leaf that is slightly smaller than the leaf of the common laurel, but with fragrant white flowers and attractive red stems. It is fairly fast growing, and the red stems when young, contrast well with the dark green leaves, adding interest. It forms an excellent evergreen garden hedge and can be kept to any shape or size. It is easy to maintain and keep it looking neat and tidy. 

Growth in a good year 45cm (18in) per year, eventual height if left, up to 6m (18ft). Available in larger more mature sizes, Portuguese Laurel needs less maintenance than some of the really fast growing options. Not too fussy about soil but doesn’t like being waterlogged or in boggy ground Hardy to -20°C.

More clipped options also available in Portuguese laurel that will create a spectacular instant hedge. Click Here

Prunus Novita Clipped Columns & Instant Hedge

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Novita’ is a recently introduced variety of laurel selected for its exceptional hardiness. A fast-growing evergreen with large, glossy, rich green leaves, ideal for hedging or screening or as a space-filler under trees. Long, upright clusters of scented white flowers open on untrimmed plants in April, followed by glossy black berries. Click Here

Photinia Pink Marble Clipped Columns

The foliage of  Photinia Pink Marble is extraordinary. Displaying three colours, this Photinia has very special variegated foliage displaying green, cream, pink and young red shoots at the same time. There is no other Photinia like it, which is sure to make it a winner for those gardeners seeking something a little different from the regular Red Robin variety. Evergreen Photinias are always very popular and this stunning one with stunning foliage will really brighten up the garden. 

These are clipped columns so extra bushy and almost a cuboid form. Click Here

Splendid with green leaves that turn a rich copper in autumn. It does make a superb hedge, retaining the brown leaves through winter and only loosing them when the new foliage appears in spring. It will make a lovely formal hedge that also acts as an excellent windbreak.

Fagus Sylvatica / Beech Hedging

It is slow growing so a little more patience is required but definitely worth the wait. Beech can be planted bare-root in the winter an ideal time to plant and this also keeps the cost of the plants down.   As well as the usual smaller options available in bare-root and rootball, we also have impressive, extra bushy Beech that have been transplanted 3 times, making it a really strong plant. Click Here

Thuja Plicata / Western Red Cedar

A good alternative to the Leylandii that doesn’t get so out of control. Speed of growth in a good year up to 60-75cm per year, eventual height if left, up to 30m (100ft).
Thuja will grow in all soils except those that are waterlogged for long periods in winter. Thuja plicata is a fast-growing conifer that creates an evergreen hedge. Thuja are extremely hardy and will tolerate strong winds. Leylandii and Thuja will form a very similar, dense hedge although Thuja will usually shoot back from old wood, unlike the Leylandii. Thuja have aromatic, fruity foliage when brushed against. Keep them trimmed once a year to the height and width you need and they will form a fantastic hedge. Click Here

Next week we are moving onto something very different and a new range that we have on the nursery so its something we have been working on an awful lot recently so lots of tips and advice and such big news right now we have Indoor Plants and some fab ideas for pots 



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