Stocking Up!

How many truck loads does it take to re-stock a nursery? Four truck loads of new plants arrived onto the nursery yesterday, yes four full artic loads of trees and plants. Not that the nursery was empty but to plug some of the gaps that were starting to show and add some new and interesting plant material to our current stock.  It’s always really busy but exciting too unloading lorries, firstly all the guys not he nursery get into full throttle as they unload with a teleporter and a forklift carefully as each tree needs to be moved with care and attention so that it doesn’t get scratched or broken in the unloading process.  Each trees is given a special place to await it going to the right area of the nursery once it has been labelled and priced and then photographed for the website and added to the stock, so its a lengthy process but it is like Christmas seeing all the stock that has been picked out from our Italian and Dutch partner nursery especially when the specimens are one of a kind and so its description and representation on the website is really important to get right and this can only be done with a good image and putting yourself in the eyes of you, the garden owner and describing it in such a ways that you can picture exactly what it looks like.

So with four full loads in one day to kick off the new season it has meant all hands on deck to ensure that these get labelled, priced and up on the website as quickly as possible.  We got new stock of our very popular evergreen oaks and lots of espaliered and pleached trees as these are our biggest sellers, some new sizes and varieties in these popular shapes.  we also received lots of our smaller stock of shrubs and herbaceous plants ready for the Spring, lots of hydrangeas, agapanthus and hostas, the things we run out of each year ready to be potted up and add some growth in our glasshouses for the late Spring and Summer sales.


Evergreen Oaks – one of our top sellers

There was plenty of hedging for orders and for stock, lots of mature sizes of evergreen and deciduous varieties and lots of these are pre-ordered so we have to get all those ready for delivery or planting in their new homes.

Espaliered trees, contemporary but formal look

Such a huge amount of work involved in displaying each and every one of our plants to ensure that we show you exactly how they will look in your garden, so no time to waste next job to get them up on the website so you can all see them, in the meantime do contact us directly or pay us a visit to the nursery.   



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