Photinia Red Robin Standards

Photinia REd Robin

Photinia Red Robin Standards

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Description :

Photinia Red Robin is a very popular garden plant that makes a fantastic hedge or shape. The outstanding feature of this broad-leaved evergreen shrub is the brilliant red, glossy young foliage that provides a flush of colour during spring and summer. Quite stunning on masse, the young leaves start out almost pink, slowly turning brilliant red then to bronze and later maturing to dark green.

These ones are standard trees meaning that they are grown with a clear stem and then a usually round head of foliage above. As a guide the terms relate to the stem height as follows

Half standards are approx 90cm stem

3/4 Standards are approx 120-140cm stem

Full Standard are approx 180cm stem

The differences in the prices relate to the age of the tree which gives a stronger stem and larger head of foliage.

Additional Information :
Pot Size

110L 12-14cm girth, Standard, 160L 18-20cm girth, Standard, 18-20cm Rootballed, Standard, 180L 20-25cm girth, Standard, 35L 8-10cm girth, Standard, 50L 10-12cm girth, Standard

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