Photinia serr. ‘Corallo’ 1/4 Standard



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Photinia serr. ‘Corallo’ is a compact form of Red Robin with evergreen, dark green foliage. Similar to other Red Robin varieties, ‘Corallo’ puts on a show-stopping display of bright red foliage with every flush of new growth that comes on throughout the growing season, starting as early as February/March if the weather is mild enough. In late spring, clusters of small creamy-white flowers appear which contrast beautifully amongst the vivid red foliage. The colour shows best in a full-sun position, but it will also tolerate dappled shade. However, the flowers mainly occur when it is in a full sun location.

These 1/4 Standards come with a 50-60cm stem and a round bushy head, perfect for pots outside the front door, patio area or for putting in beds with low-level planting.


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