Cedrus Libani Pendula




Cedrus libani ‘Pendula’ is a robust, fast growing, upright weeping blue cedar of Lebanon. It has a strongly apically dominant terminal leader, horizontal lateral branches and strictly weeping branchlets. Foliage is exceptionally long and nice, dark, blue-green in colour. It is a strikingly unique tree in the landscape.

We have a few differing specimens available here in our Nursery Park. The one shown in the main gallery image is our very mature, 40-45cm girth, 3-3.5m tall specimen that starts to branch reasonably low along the sturdy main trunk. Our other 3 are slightly less mature with 30-35cm girth trunks, cleared up to about 2m before a full head of foliage arches out and weeps down from the top. For more information or if further photos are required, please call our office or shoot us an email and we would be happy to help!



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