Acer negundo Flamingo



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A medium sized, round headed tree which is perfect to add a dash of colour to your garden in the spring time.

Acer negundo Flamingo, is  resistant to the perils of Honey fungus and therefore is a useful selection for any garden where this has been a problem. A versatile tree which is tolerant of all soil conditions, performing particularly well on heavy clay soils, and is capable of withstanding some water logging so is useful for waterside planting.

It is tolerant of air pollution and soil compaction. Unlike some other variegated trees, Acer negundo Flamingo, does not experience much in the way of physical damage due to high winds during the spring and summer season and thus is an extremely wise selection of variegated tree for gardens which do experience exposure to wind. A great hardy tree but the appearance of a much gentler, softer tree.

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