Salix Babylonica

Salix Babylonica

Salix Babylonica

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Description :

Weeping Willows are one of those tree species that have captured the imagination of artists down through the centuries as next to rivers and lakes this creates such a focal point.

In the winter landscape the Weeping Willows remain distinctive due to their bright drooping orange twigs contrasting against the dark bark of the trunks. As the days lengthen to spring that orange colour turns a beautiful limey green

Willows are amazingly fast growing and are well known to love wet soil, this is a large tree over time so needs plenty of room as its spread is large too, approximately 10metres tall and just as wide

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30L 10-12cm girth, Standard, 55L 10-12cm girth, 12-13 ft tall, 60-100cm Bare-root Whips, 90L 18-20cm girth, 4 metres tall, Rootballed 40-50cm girth, Specimen 8-9m

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