Creating an Inviting Entrance.

Elevating your Entrance to an embracing welcoming with Standards and Half-Standards and Statement Pots.

The entrance to your home is a canvas upon which not only paints the first impression for visitors, but it’s the warm embrace of familiarity as you approach your drive, and an area we are often asked about on the Nursery. And we all know there is no place like home, but Im always an advocate that it can be area of opportunity to infuse your character, style, with a touch of nature. One way to elevate your home’s entrance is by incorporating standards and half-standard trees, and where possible complemented by statement pots. These elements will not only add interesting features but are a real focal points and create a sense of sophistication.

Adding Standards and Half-Standards for Vertical Elegance.

Trained to grow with their single, upright stems, standards and half-standards create that clean and well-defined silhouette. Full standards are often used to line a drive, while half-standards with their shorter clear stem, often with a more abundant crown are a favourite adorning both sides of a gateway, entry door or courtyard. The beauty of these trees are their ability to command attention with their vertical elegance, positioned either lined up or on either side of your entrance will create a symmetrical and welcoming frame. This not only adds a touch of formality but also guides the eyes toward the focal point.

Choosing trees with ornamental qualities enhances the visual impact. For a classic and timeless look, consider options like Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) or Eleaganus Ebbengei. For a burst of colour,  Photinia Red Robin or Magnolia Susan and for a touch of romance you can add Ilex Nellie Stevens (Holly) to your entrance. The key is to select trees that thrive in your environment and have all year-round interest.


Artistry Touches with Statement Pots.

Statement pots also serve as the exclamation point to your entrance, adding even more burst of style and personality. These pots are not just containers; they are sculptural elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Here on the nursery we have our own collections designed to compliment our Irish landscapes and exclusive if your looking for a design piece to add to your garden.  Either way, choose pots that complements the architectural style of your home and resonate with your personal taste.

Consider materials like terracotta or even modern, weather-resistant composite materials for durability and visual appeal. Oversized pots or a collection of varying sizes can create a dynamic and layered look. Metallic finishes or bold colours can infuse a contemporary flair, while classic shapes and earthy tones provide a timeless elegance.

Once you’ve selected your statement pots, the possibilities for planting are vast. Evergreen half standards are popular and will maintain a consistent look throughout the year. For a burst of colour, a Photinia Pink Marble will delight all senses or a camellia half standard with its showy flowers will reflect its beauty.

Unifying Standards and Pots in Harmony.

To achieve a harmonious look, coordinate the style and colour of your pots with the standards gracing your entrance. If you’ve chosen classic, formal trees like Bay Laurel, elegant and timeless pots will enhance the overall aesthetic. For a more contemporary vibe with, perhaps, Viburnum Tinus Eve Price half standards, modern, sleek pots in complementary tones will tie the design together.

If you are not using pots, consider the scale of the standards in relation to your entrance. The goal is to create a balanced and visually pleasing composition. Too small or too large a standard can disrupt the harmony, so ensure that the proportions are well-balanced.


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