Feature Trees for Small Gardens

When it comes to small gardens you would think that they are easier to plant and have looking good but the reality is in a large garden the space is easier to fill, in a small garden however the balance needs to be right and especially in town gardens

Our New Tree Unit

Our new tree unit is now complete and even with all this rain Ta-dah no flooding! Our old tree unit had been doing its job displaying trees and keeping them upright and in straight lines for more years than I care to mention. We had upgraded so many areas of the nursery, don’t get me […]

Trees – for small gardens

Trees are all around us and enhance all aspects of our life, from large open spaces and parks to reduce noise and pollution on the side of the motorways and busy roads and they give our gardens texture and maturity as well as creating a relaxing and secure environment for us, giving us a barrier against the […]



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