Trees – for small gardens

Trees are all around us and enhance all aspects of our life, from large open spaces and parks to reduce noise and pollution on the side of the motorways and busy roads and they give our gardens texture and maturity as well as creating a relaxing and secure environment for us, giving us a barrier against the areas outside adding tranquility even for just a small portion of the day.

When choosing trees for your own garden it is worth considering your space and light and what seasonal colours work with your current planting.  Trees can bring interest and texture but also colour to your garden whether it’s through their flowers, foliage, fruit or bark; creating colour and attention all year round whether through welcome shade, to attract birds and insects or even harvesting trees that give you fruits and nuts. Planting smaller trees (around 8-12ft feet tall in most cases) can be easier but do check on the growth habits of the trees, some like Beech or some Oaks are slower growing and when I am designing a garden I like to include some semi-mature trees (14 – 20ft) for just that, maturity and they help with screening & privacy.and they are a pleasure not just for you but for future generations.

Small Gardens

Small gardens still need trees, they will still add immense benefit to the space and a well proportioned tree can bring height to a small space and make it look bigger by drawing the line of vision up. We have a wide selection of  trees, so definitely something for everyone and every garden but here are our Top 10 trees for small gardens.

  1. Catalpa Biganoides  in green and gold
  2. Cornus Kousa varieties  with its stunning floral display
  3. Japanese Maples in range of sizes, shapes and stunning colours
  4. Olive Tree – with its silvery grey foliage, will never grow too tall
  5. Betula Fastigiata Joes (Upright White Birch)
  6. Parrotia persica – if for nothing else for its amazing Autumn display of colours. 
  7. Malus or Crabapples  – a range of trees with flower in Spring and fruit in Autumn
  8. Magnolia varieties – again a range of colours and flowers
  9. Evergreen Oaks – with their clipped cylindrical shape to add a contemporary, formality.
  10. Prunus varieties  – Cherries in whites and pinks and some upright, some wider but all perfect for small gardens

In small gardens you can afford to be selective with your tree choices, try multi-stemmed trees for interest or trees that have been pruned in a bonsai or Niwaki style or even Espalier Trees





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