Not so solid Oak !

This will encourage a better growth of Irish Oak in Ireland but for now it is encouraging us think outside the box and look at other options to the Evergreen Oak and here we have a few alternatives that are equally as good

Gardens add Value – Up to 20%

I thought I’d get your attention there, yes it’s true studies have found that Gardens add up to 20% to your property value but think about how to get that investment to work for you. So we all know its not the house that sells it is the lifestyle, the idea of outdoor living and […]

Maturity, only in the plants

What sets Caragh Nurseries apart from other garden centres and nurseries is maturity, no not ours (cheeky!)  but that of our plants and the knowledge that goes with doing that. We grow the plants and trees on the nursery so we know everything there is to know about them and we are happy to pass […]



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