Oh Camellia!

Bursting into bloom just when the garden is in most need of some colour, Camellias are quite simply Queen of the winter flowers. There are numerous species of these evergreen shrubs, but the most commonly grown are Camellia sasanqua, Camellia japonica, and hybrids of these. The young leaves of another species, Camellia sinensis, are actually […]

Instant & Mature Hedging

It’s hedging season and the volume of rootballed and bare-root hedging going out of the nursery is amazing. We have a large range of hedging varieties and sizes to cater for all needs from rural options to city gardens and everything in between. Hedging  can create a strong framework for the garden, so that it […]

New Build Gardens

I’m not sure if its that the councils are granting more planning permissions or that confidence is good that more people are building the houses they have permission for but the last few weeks we have more than our fair share of customers coming to us with their plans for new houses and wanting to […]



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