Prunus Lusitanica / Portuguese Laurel


Prunus Lusitanica / Portuguese Laurel

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Rootballed 60-80cm:
Rootballed 80-100cm:
Rootballed 125-150cm:
Rootballed 150-175cm:
Rootballed 175-200cm:
Rootballed 250-275cm:
Rootballed 275-300cm:
2L Pot 50-70cm tall:
Rootballed 100-125cm tall:
Rootballed 125-150cm tall:
Rootballed 60-80cm tall:
Rootballed 80-100cm tall:

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The Portuguese Laurel is a lovely, gentler alternative to the common laurel although not as fast growing which can be beneficial.


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Similar to the rotundifolia but slightly more elegant though not quite the same growth rate or as dense initially. It is conical in shape with dark green, lustrous elegant leaves. There are white flowers in slender upright racemes in early summer but it is primarily grown for its strong shape. There are dark purple-black fruits in autumn. This can be grown as a specimen shrub or used to create a formal hedge 

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Rootballed 60-80cm, Rootballed 80-100cm, Rootballed 125-150cm, Rootballed 150-175cm, Rootballed 175-200cm, Rootballed 250-275cm, Rootballed 275-300cm, Rootballed, 2L Pot 50-70cm tall, Rootballed 100-125cm tall, Rootballed 125-150cm tall, Rootballed 60-80cm tall, Rootballed 80-100cm tall


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