Prunus Fukubana




Prunus Subhirtella Fukubana is a small and pretty, deciduous, winter flowering cherry tree that is perfect for small spaces and chalky soils. Winter flowering cherries bring a special warmth to bare winter gardens with their semi-double rose pink flowers clinging to bare branches well before any foliage appears. These trees can bloom anytime between November and March but are most likely to flower in the early new year when light levels are longer. Early pollinators love winter flowering cherries as they are some of the few nectar sources around in the colder months. After the pretty pink flowers have fallen, dark green leaves unfurl into sharply toothed long ovals. They emerge bronze, mature into a dark green, and turn yellow in summer before falling with the autumn frosts. During winter the chocolate brown trunk and bare branches reach upward forming a neat vase-shaped crown.


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