Prunus Avium 

Prunus avium

Prunus Avium 

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The Wild Cherry is one of the great glories of the woodland in spring, and makes an excellent specimen tree. Its distinctive spreading branches are laden with masses of bowl-shaped white flowers in April and May, and its autumn performance is no less spectacular when the leaves turn fiery red and orange. With shining reddish-brown bark and a broadly conical shape, this tree has a lot to offer in winter too.

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10-12cm Bare-root, 25-30cm girth, Rootballed Specimen 600-700cm, 35-40cm girth, Rootballed Specimen 600-700cm, 35L, 40-50cm girth, Rootballed Specimen 700-800cm, 70L 12-14cm girth, Standard, 90-120cm Bare-root Whips, 40-45cm girth 600-700cm tall

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