Acer Crimson King / Red Norway Maple



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The Norway maple is a fast-growing tree, eventually quite large but easily pruned to confine its spread for many years. It is a handsome species, spreading to make a satisfying rounded crown and sufficiently robust to be grown in exposed positions, even as a windbreak. The foliage of ‘Crimson King’ is quite dramatic, dark reddish brown when young, becoming crimson purple for the rest of the year.

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10-12cm Rootballed, 3-4metres, 12-14cm girth Rootballed, 4 – 4.5m tall, 120L 20-25cm girth, standard, 130L 16-18cm girth, Standard, 130L 18-20cm girth, 3.5-4m, 14-16cm Rootballed, 4 – 4.5metres, 150L 20-25cm girth, 5-6m standard, 16-18cm Rootballed, 18-20cm Rootball, 4.5 – 5m tall, 35L 10-12cm girth, 70L 14-16cm 300-350cm, 8-10cm Rootballed, 2.5-3m, 150L 25-30cm girth, Standard

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