Pinus mugo Specimen Bonsai



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Pinus mugo is a compact shrubby conifer that can add colour and structure to the garden year-round. Its mountainous origins means it is extremely hardy, tolerating exposed winds, even in coastal areas. It grows best in a full sun location. Its lighter brown-yellow new growth that emerges in late spring/early summer contrasts nicely against the darker green mature foliage beneath.

The picture shown here shows 1 of 7 specimen bonsais that we have in this size – supplied in a 230L pot with heights ranging roughly 150-175cm, although one or two specimens might be slightly higher/lower than this. These are single-trunk bonsais with cloud pruned foliage balanced around the main trunk. If you would like any more photos of the other Bonsais in this group, please send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help!






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