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Taxus cuspidata, commonly known as Japanese Yew, is a slow-growing evergreen with dark green tapered needles with a lighter green underside. It’s bark is a beautiful reddish brown in colour, which flakes as it matures, creating additional interest of the stems that are visible. The fact that it is slow-growing means it is very easy to manage, and only requires a bit of pruning every now and again in order to maintain its shape. It’s very hard, and should grow well in full sun or partial shade, and will tolerate some wind exposure.

This specimen measures 150-200cm in height, and has flat plates of foliage which sit on top of exposed stems in which the bark is visible. Its multi-stem structure makes it a beautiful feature piece that would be perfect to create a focal point in an open lawn or courtyard area.

This piece sits alongside many others in our Nursery Park, which is packed full of bonsai, cloud pruned specimens and mature feature trees. These are available for viewing here at our Nursery, but should you require any photos/further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.

***the image shown here is the same specimen that we currently have available.



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