Picea abies ‘Acrocona’



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The Acrocona variety of Norway Spruce is a small, evergreen conifer best known for its highly-decorative, dark pink cones. Easy to grow and care for, Picea Abies Acrocona is often grown as a specimen tree but unusually not that common a tree especially given its ease.

It has a fast growing habit and drooping branches covered with dark green needles, this evergreen conifer provides interest throughout the seasons.  Even though its evergreen foliage offers year-round colour, it really comes into its own in the spring, when an abundance of pink cones appear at the end of the branches. As they mature, they dull to a light brown.

This evergreen tree is vigorous and has a fast growth rate. growing to  2.5 to 4 metres, as wide as it is tall.  Its weeping  habit requires no trimming or pruning.

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