Ilex Nellie Stevens Standard Espalier



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Holly is a great plant for giving evergreen coverage, this one is even better with a smaller leaf and lots of berries, and it’s self-pollinating so will produce berries even with just the 1 tree. It has dense coverage so you won’t see through it, but it also has the seasonal interest of the berries which makes it ideal to give a change with the seasons.

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30L 10-12cm girth, 1.9m stem, frame 1.2m W x 1m H, 45L 18-20cm girth, 2.2m stem, frame 1.2m W x 1.2m H, 55L 10-12cm girth, 1.8m stem, frame 1m W x 1m H, 70L 12-14cm girth, 1.4m stem, frame 1.5m W x 1.2m H