Photinia Red Robin 3/4 Standard


Photinia Red Robin 3/4 Standard

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Description :

Photinia Red Robin is a very popular garden plant that makes a fantastic hedge or shape. The outstanding feature of this broad-leaved evergreen shrub is the brilliant red, glossy young foliage that provides a flush of colour during spring and summer. Quite stunning on masse, the young leaves start out almost pink, slowly turning brilliant red then to bronze and later maturing to dark green.

These 3/4 standards have a stem of approximately 120-140cm and a 120cm head.

We also have some smaller 3/4 standards with a similar size stem but a much smaller head, approximately 70cm, being sold as seconds.

Additional Information :
Pot Size

30L 3/4 std 70cm head seconds, 70L 3/4 std 120cm head

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20-25cm girth    

airpot grown for year round planting    

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