Malus Domestica Santana Espalier

malus domestica santana

Malus Domestica Santana Espalier

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Description :

Apple Santana is exceptionally hardy and boasts a low susceptibility to diseases. During the spring months, it produces pretty pink blossoms that fade to white as the season progresses. After flowering, the tree starts to develop a bountiful crop of apples. Each apple is red-flushed over a greenish yellow background. Normally, the fruit is ready to be picked mid-October, and can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. The flavour of the Apple Santana fruit is pure apple sweetness, and the flesh is creamy yellow, crisp, and juicy. The fruit is exceptionally fragrant and is an excellent dessert apple.

These well established espaliers are quite mature with a 12-14cm girth and a frame of 3m wide x 1.5m high.


Additional Information :
Pot Size

90L 12-14cm girth, 3m wide x 1.5m high frame

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