Laurus Nobilis Cones



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This item: Laurus Nobilis Cones - 35L 125-150cm cone (Size: 35l-125-150cm-cone) 240.00
Compost - 80L (Pot Size: 80l) 10.50
Granular Seaweed Fertiliser - 10kg (Size: 10kg) (Out of Stock) 25.00
Total for selected item(s) 250.50


Laurus nobilis or Bay as it commonly known is the same Bay that you would use it cooking so as well as an amazing specimen you also get a culinary use too.  These have all been shaped into cones and look great planted in a row or to mark an entrance or doorway


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12L 60-80cm, 12L 80-100cm, 130L 250-300cm cone, 230L 300-350cm, cone, 35L 125-150cm cone, 50L 175-200cm, 65L 250cm tall