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Enkianthus campanulatus is a large, deciduous shrub that if let grow naturally, and take on the form of a small, but dense, multi-stemmed tree. Its mid-green leaves are small and oval in shape, but they turn to brilliant oranges and reds during the autumn, providing spectacular colour to your garden as the seasons change. It produces many clusters of pink bell-shaped flowers in late-spring/early-summer, with buds forming just as the small leaves start to emerge. It therefore provides quite a long season of interest, with various changes of colour from May through to October/November. Grows best in full-sun to partial-shade, and requires Ericaceous soil conditions, so it would be best planted in our Lime-Free compost.

The specimen shown here is 1 of 6 substantial, mature bushes we have to offer. Each stands at about 175-200cm in height, and is supplied in a 160L pot. We will update soon with a more current photo as the flowers are just about ready to pop on them at the moment!


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