Malus Cox’s Self-fertile Apple Tree

Cox’s self fertile

Malus Cox’s Self-fertile Apple Tree

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The exact same tree as Cox’s Orange Pippin but this one doesn’t need a mate to pollinate, it can do that job all by itself – handy!

This upright but spreading tree has an abundance of white flowers in the spring that mature into delicious juicy apples in October. The M26 rootstock that this fruit tree is grown on, grows to around 9-10 feet eventual height which is plenty big enough to have a great crop while still being able to harvest the fruit.  

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Pot Size

10-12cm Rootballed, 2.5-3metres, 10L 150-200cm, 12-14cm Rootballed 3.5-4m tall, 20L 50cm stem, frame 1.2m wide x 1m high

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