Cornus kousa Teutonia

Cornus Kousa Teutonia Flowering Dogwood -3

Cornus kousa Teutonia

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A superior choice of Cornus Kousa this elegant deciduous shrub or small tree produces a mass of large creamy white bracts turning pale pink as it ages followed by red fruits during late summer. Vibrant mid-green foliage takes on spectacular autumn shades, mainly purple-red with splashes of pink and yellow tints. In time they make a large deciduous shrub or small tree of graceful habit, perfect for the smaller garden.

As the plant matures, the flowers these are produced in great abundance especially if the previous summer has been warm and sunny. They are suitable for many planting schemes including Japanese gardens, minimalist contemporary, mixed shrub borders as well as prairie plantings, ideal for specimen planting as a focal point in a garden for long season of interest. It requires a sunny position in the shelter of other trees and shrubs is best. They will grow happily in semi shade but their flower production and colour will not be as intense.

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