Cornus kousa Chinensis




Cornus kousa Chinensis, or Chinese Dogwood, is a spectacular small garden tree that produces a profusion of tiny green flowers surrounded by large, showy white bracts in late May or June, which slowly adopt pink hues as they mature into the summer. Its oval-shaped foliage has a pointed tip and is dark-green in colour. Following the flowering period, the spectacular autumn display begins, as the once green foliage turns to vivid orange and red. Small, edible (but insipid) pink fruits are also produced.

Although generally very hardy for the Irish climate, the Chinese Dogwood will grow and look its best in a sunny position that is sheltered from strong winds. It can grow anywhere from 3m to a max height of 4-5m, making it perfectly suitable for small gardens.

Our specimen here is currently at 2.5-3m in height, with a beautifully substantial multi-stem form. We will get an image of the exact tree up very soon, as it will be moved over to our Nursery Park where it will be displayed alongside other impressive specimen trees and bonsais. Please feel free to pop by and take a look! We can also send images upon request – just send us an email or give the office a call!

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500L 250-300cm specimen