Cornus Kousa China Girl

Cornus China Girl

Cornus Kousa China Girl

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Description :

Cornus kousa China Girl is an attractive, early flowering form of Dogwood introduced from Holland in the late 1970s.

The foliage of this small garden tree is dark green in summer, turning to reds and oranges in winter time. In the summer the leaves often take up a slightly curled up appearance, which is completely normal for this species. An abundance of  bract like flowers are produced in early spring, followed by bright red strawberry like fruits that continue to add interest to this specimen throughout the summer months and into autumn. They are slow growing, small, produce a spectacular floral display and are relatively low maintenance.

This Cornus kousa China Girl is sold in a larger 45L pot and at a semi-mature height of 150-175cm (5-6ft)


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45L 150-175cm

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