Cercis chinensis Shirobana



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An unusual, white-flowering variety of Cercis which produces flowers on bare stems from March to April each year. Cercis chinensis ‘Shirobana’ has charming, heart-shaped foliage which follows on from the flowers. These leaves are retained until November, when they turn a beautiful, buttery yellow before dropping for the winter.

As a relatively slow-growing small tree or shrub Cercis chinensis ‘Shirobana’ will live happily in a container as well as open ground, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Cercis chinensis ‘Shirobana’ prefers moist, fertile and well-drained soil in sun or partial shade with a south or west facing aspect and some shelter from strong winds. A fully hardy, deciduous tree which matures over 10-20 years to reach a height and spread of around 3 metres.

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