Betula Pendula

Silver Birch

Betula Pendula

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The silver birch is a graceful and attractive tree with its light airy foliage and distinctive white peeling bark. It has been an inspiration to writers, poets and artists in every season throughout the centuries. It is native to Ireland and its striking bark colour is one of the main reasons that the silver birch has become such a widely planted garden tree.

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10-12cm Bare-root, 12-14cm Bare-root, 12-14cm girth Standard, 14-16cm girth Standard, 14-16cm Rootballed, 16-18cm girth Standard, 16-18cm Rootballed, 16-18cm Rootballed, 5 – 5.5m tall, 18-20cm girth Rootballed, 5 – 5.5m tall, 180L 20-25cm girth, standard, 20-25cm girth Rootballed, 5.5 – 6m tall, 20-25cm girth Standard, 20-25cm Rootballed, 200-250cm Bare-root, 25-30cm Rootballed, 30-35cm Rootball 6-7m, 8-10cm girth Bare-root, 3.5m – 4m tall, 90-120cm Bare-root Whips, 90L 18-20cm girth, Std, Airpot 30-35cm girth, 6-7m tall

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