Acer Pseudoplatanus / Sycamore

Acer Pseudoplat

Acer Pseudoplatanus / Sycamore

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Description :

Imposing tree with a thick  crown. Crown shapes can vary depending on the origin of the seed.  Mature trees can reach a height of 40m and up to  500 years of age. It has green leaf buds which is strikingly different from the platanoides Acers which have red leaf buds. The decorative grey trunk flakes off in small pieces. The leaf stalk does not contain milky sap, another difference from the  platanoides. The leaf is green on top, the underside is grey and slightly dimpled.  Autumn colour is golden yellow.  The wings of the nutlets are in a right to acute angle in relation to each other. Tolerant to wet and cold soils,  also suitable for industrial estates and coastal areas.


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18L 8-10cm girth, 35L 10-12cm girth

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