Alnus cordata / Italian Alder



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A large, vigorous deciduous tree with rounded green leaves and long, up to 10cm, catkins. Its a great tree for a shelter belt and isn’t particularly fussy as to its soil. The Italian Alder grows in excess of 12metres high in eventual height and can take an exposed position.

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10-12cm Rootball, 12-14cm Bare-root, 12-14cm Rootball, 120-150cm Bare-root, 150-175cm Bare-root Whips, 35L 8-10cm girth, 4-5m tall, 45L 8-10cm girth 3metres, 6-8cm Bare-root, 3m tall, 8-10cm Rootballed, 2.5-3metres, 25L 2-2.5m tall, 45L 12-14cm girth, 4metres tall