Acer palm. dissectum Viridis Half Standard




Acer palmatum dissectum Viridis is a lovely little mound forming Japanese Maple, offering deeply dissected, lace-like foliage that displays a bright, lime green colour throughout spring and summer. The colour is even brighter than Acer palmatum Dissectum and turns intense shades of orange and gold in the autumn.

Growing to an estimated height and spread of 2 x 3 metre in 20 years, Acer palmatum Viridis is ideal for any sized garden, whether you want to create a stunning focal point or use it as an attractive back drop to other plants. This threadleaf Japanese Maple prefers a moist, well-drained soil in a sheltered position, ideally in dappled shade.

These half standard specimens are approximately 150-175cm tall.

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