How and why we rootball trees

Its the time of year when our Rootballed and Bare-root Stock availability starts kicking off in October & November, hence I’ve been somewhat quiet over the last month, but this year is not giving us a minute. We are still so very busy on the nursery and we not only are booked up until Christmas […]

Topiary, Niwaki & shaped specimens

Beautiful topiary, the kind you see as features of great gardens and landscapes especially in the Italian gardens can look amazing sculptures in all sizes, we feature a number of shapes, sizes in Box, Yew, Olive, Hornbeam and Beech to name just a few of the topiary trees. You will find fresh inspiration as well […]

Creating Privacy, naturally with specimen trees

Creating Privacy with the use of a well placed tree or a row of specimen espaliered frames is what we do best.  We have so many options to block unsightly views or resolving privacy issues that we can supply, deliver and plant too should you need us to.  Mature trees, espalier trees  and evergreen trees […]



Our Gift to you

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