Parachute Forms – Not Just For Flight!

Parachute form trees are multi-stem trees with wide spanning, mushroom shaped heads. The extensive head of foliage makes these trees ideal for screening, but they work equally well in large pots, and make spectacular statement pieces. We use them quite often in our design projects where something a little unusual is required. The multi-stems create […]

The Need For Screening and Speed

One of the most common requests we get from our customers is for trees that can be used for screening, as a natural privacy barrier. Evergreen hedging can provide an excellent screen, with many additional benefits like wind and noise reduction, and providing nesting sites for wildlife. In an age where we can have instant […]

Instant & Mature Hedging

You could opt for an evergreen hedge if you are looking for cover & privacy all year round. With an evergreen hedge around your garden, even in the winter, when most trees, shrubs and bushes have lost their leaves, you prevent people seeing into your home or blocking the view or new house or extension that looks into your garden.



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